Student Ministry Open House!

The Open House was January 25, 2009.  Starting in the Fellowship Hall, speakers included Jimmy Thorne, Rachel Phillips, and Hunter Goins.  Everyone proceeded into the renovated student area, and enjoyed fellowship in the new Student Commons area.  Click on each photo to enlarge.

Everyone met in the Fellowship Hall before the Open House.
Speakers included Rachel, Jimmy Thorne, and Hunter Goins.
Student Minister Bryan Dupuis leads the countdown before entering the new student area.
The High School room showing the stage and wide screen televisions.
Original student artwork in the High School room.
Middle School room also with stage and wide screen televisions.
Student Ministry Information
The Student Commons area and Mission Cafe.
Food provided by Shirley Newton.
The Mission Cafe
One of many booths.
Student artwork in one of the classrooms.
Mission Cafe
Middle School Ministry information
Student artwork in a classroom.
Mission Cafe

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